A Night in the Sky

He's the world's most spectacular boy genius. But nobody knows it! 

Peter lives alone in a mysterious mansion, where he creates fantastic inventions that no one ever sees. When he tries going to school, he gets bullied non-stop. So Peter decides to build a high-powered airplane and escape into the sky. Along the way, he outmatches a murderous thief, a mysterious giant, and a desert full of danger. But as his incredible Skyliner takes shape, Peter realizes that a secret accomplice is helping him, and that perhaps he’s had a friend all along . . . .

Ages: 9 and Up
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Kings of Catalina

During the Golden Age of Hollywood, the greatest romance happened off the screen. 

Finn and Ada were childhood sweethearts. But time and tragedy have torn them apart. Now, Finn roams the boardwalks of Los Angeles, selling his plays for pennies. But when he finds out that Ada has become Hollywood's brightest starlet, Finn sets off on a grand adventure to win her back.

Ages: Young Adult
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